I began  taking yoga classes in 2014 for my aches and pains. I was surprised to  discover not only did it help my joints and muscles, but it helps my stress levels.

After I broke my wrist I could not go back to full time esthetics.

Everything does happen for a reason. 

It was at that moment I decided to take yoga instructor training.

During my training I gained more confidence, self-love and self- worth.  I also discovered my love for Yin Yoga.

It pushed me to calm my mind and then discovered when I  combined it with Reiki it only enhanced the effects.

I still believe, more then ever that  life is about constant change and growth and improving one's self. Every day, every moment is a chance for change!

My dharma, or bliss, is to continue to help others through Yoga and Reiki.

I believe everyone deserves Health and Happiness!!

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