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Elf Fairy Medium

 I am a spiritual medium, reiki master, yoga instructor, wife and mother.

For most of my adult life, I have been seeking a connection with a higher power so I could become a better version of myself. 

Without realizing it, I always had the answer but couldn’t see it. The universe has been guiding me in this direction for a while...then I started noticing the subtle signs. My phone would ring and I knew who it was before answering, I kept hearing my name, smelling things other couldn't, seeing flashes of light or a feather being brushed against my cheek.


If we just open ourselves up, there are signs all around us.

For me, meditation has always been a great way to connect to my higher powers and just like most things, mediumship takes practice.

Personal life experiences have shown me that I am on my chosen path. My mission is to shine my light to help people on their journey of self-discovery. 

Oracle Card Group Reading

Get together with some friends for an Online Live Reading.

Grab a seat, get a glass of wine and make yourself comfortable.

 Enjoy some time with friends!

Card readings are a wonderful way to connect and

build a  deeper bond.

Oracle card decks are all unique and allow you to customize

your readings and gain the wisdom and

energy you specifically seek.

   The group reading will begin with meditation

and clearing of  energy.

From there, each person will receive a card reading.

Zoom Group Sessions Available

60 minutes 

$160 total

2-4 people

Oracle Card Reading

Would you like to gain insight into your past, present or future?

Oracle decks support emotional and spiritual health by attuning intuition into a deeper inner knowledge.

Often referred to as "directive tools," oracle cards offer guidance, clarity, and a new perspective — often pointing you toward something you already knew, but needed an outside vision on.

​Oracle card decks are all unique and allow you to customize your readings and gain the wisdom and energy you specifically seek.

Zoom or Email Sessions Available

45- 60 minutes 


Spiritual Guidance Reading

Looking to connect with a spirit guide or loved one who passed?

There are times we may need help or spiritual guidance to give us direction or assist in healing.

Spiritual guidance is based on following certain spiritual principles that assist the individual to examine some deep inner truths about themselves and their actions in order to create their desired outcome and to live their dreams.

Zoom Sessions Available

Cards can be used


There is a field of consciousness where all wisdom resides. A field where all of the answers to all of the questions that you could possible fathom live. A field where the wisdom of the heavens and Earth calls you by name. Where what you are seeking is also seeking you. A field where all soul contracts, history and guidance whisper eternal. A field where the book of your souls is open for you to flick through.

When you work with the Oracle Fairies you will receive easy to understand messages that can simply applied in practical ways. This beautiful imagery combined with insightful fairy wisdom will inspire and encourage you, enabling you to forge your own path and personal connection with fairies for the purpose of healing and manifestation. Each card in this deck is full of fairy magic and energy that will have a special meaning and message just for you.

The spirits residing in the natural world have much to share, and the secrets of their forgotten language are now available through this deck. They urge us to reclaim our essential Truth, that we are one spirit, connected to every living thing on this earth in a unified consciousness. These cards can help you move beyond the obstacles of your perceived limitations and tune into your infinite potential.

Have you always had a longing for home, without knowing where home was? Or sense of knowing deep in your soul? You may be a starseed soul- someone who has incarnated elsewhere in the cosmos before your time on earth. These cards can connect you to your own inner guidance and your true cosmic nature. Uncover your star origins and unlock your soul's gifts and connect to your soul mission.

Oracles began with women.
They originated as a means of understanding our relationship with the consciousness of the Great Goddess, our personal experience of being alive and being a part of Nature.
Oracles were sacred tools made to help us connect to, understand and navigate the invisible world that influences human events.

Spellcasting has been used by witches since the birth of magic and now that power lies in your hands. Each card of this deck connects you to the magical forces required for spellwork, to harness and manipulate the energies needed to bring about your desires. Discover how to work with the moon phases, specific weekdays and candle magic, in conjunction with unwavering focus and intent through invocation and incantations. Each spell offers empowerment and freedom through the spellbinding act of transcendence, as you harness natural magic to positively enhance your life.
It is time to reclaim your power, so Mote It Be.

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