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         Hello Beautiful Soul!

You are here because you know there is another way to live. A more vibrant, expressive and flowing life. Your soul is searching and longing to feel whole, to fulfill its purpose.

You owe it to yourself, to know yourself.

You are here because what you are doing now isn't working.

Perhaps you fear that you don't know who you truly are, especially if you leave what you already know.

This journey will require a soul commitment, to have an open heart and mind.

Life should not be something  you "get through", but lived to its full potential. It is about discovering your bliss, living in true essence of yourself.

I am here to support and guide you on this journey. Helping you to know and trust yourself. To tap into that intuitive place - your soul - where everything flows. 

Christine helps guide women on their path in discovering their soul purpose.

Her aim is to help women embrace their desire to embody their own feminine essence, while honoring, trusting and respecting their own internal guidance system.

Understanding that many women may need to heal from past traumas, to gain confidence, to discover their own self worth and manifest a positive change, Christine is there to listen and to help guide them on their own healing journey. 

The combination of energy healing, intuitive guidance and practical exercises that are offered is very powerful and transformative.

Christine offers a blend of intuition, art, holistic healing and tactical guidance to help you make informed decisions, help you rediscover your authentic self, and bring you more joy and balance to your life. 


I am a Mindfulness Coach, Hypnotherapist, Certified in Stretching Techniques (Yoga), Hands on Therapy (Reiki), Therapeutic Art Life Coach and also Highly Intuitive.

 Years ago, some tragedy's occurred in my life, that left me changed forever.  All that had been my life before started to shift and change in such a way that there was no longer any resemblance of who I had been before.

It was in my search for "why" that I began to understand that I was meant to view the world and everyone in it from a different point of view.  One that would allow me to see and hear beyond what had previously been my perspective.

It is because of my past, that I have such a passion for helping others. It is my calling.

Christine1May 10, 2020-44-1.jpg
Intuitive Spiritual Coach 

This one- on- one spiritual guidance is highly personalized, taking you through an  intuitive guiding process where you will discover a connection to your soul. This mentoring will help build regular practices that will allow you to embody and manifest your soul's purpose.

Now you are asking, what will this do for me?

*You will learn to trust your decisions

*Discover your potential

*Reach new levels of awareness

*Remove limiting beliefs

*Learn to use your voice

*Gain confidence

*To be authentic

*Have a more balanced life

*To be comfortable in silence

*Learn to let go of fear

*Connect to who you truly are

*Achieve your goals

*Shift your mindset

*Learn to manifest

*Remove energy blocks

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Wayne Dyer

Your Spiritual  journey to self discovery of mind and body will include a package designed around YOU and YOUR needs.

It may include  :



*Hands on Healing

*Stretching Exercises

*Art Exercises

15min consultation no charge

Soul Investment

Four week program Includes:

*two services from the list

*two 1:1 Zoom calls (60min)

*journal prompts

*2 "emergency" texts


Eight Week program includes:

*four services from the list

*four 1:1 Zoom calls (60min)

*journal prompts

*4 "emergency" texts


Is therapy confidential?

As a general rule, all hypnotherapy, spiritual coaching and Intuitive readings sessions are confidential and anything you discuss with me will remain between the two of you unless you request otherwise. This is as per protection rule of law, which I follow, and no information from the session can be disclosed without prior written consent from the client.

There are exceptions to this rule, however, as your hypnotherapist I will disclose information from the session to legal authorities or appointed persons if any of the following are true:

  • If I suspect abuse to a child, dependent adult, or an elder, or is made aware of domestic abuse. These situations all require me to notify legal authorities immediately.

  • If I suspect an individual has caused or is threatening to cause severe bodily harm to another person, I will report it to the police.

  • If an individual intends to harm himself or herself, expressing to me, for example, plans for suicide. While I will attempt to work through this with additional licensed mental health caretakers if it appears to be unresolved or the client does not cooperate, additional action may need to be taken to ensure the safety of the client.

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