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Welcome to Samsara Wellness

 Samsara Wellness launched in 2014, the main focus was to introduce Hands on Healing as an alternative health service to accelerate healing and provide relaxation and stress relief.

Since then, Samsara Wellness has continued to grow and expand offering many more holistic spa services and Intuitive Spiritual Coaching.


We are all humans on a  Spiritual Path

Listen to Your Soul

Welcome to my website!

Now is the time of possibilities!
We all have a gift. We are all worthy of happiness. It is my purpose, my passion, to provide you with guidance and clarity. To help you gain access to your souls destiny. To help you move forward to a place of self acceptance and self love. To discover peace, connection and balance.

Since my childhood I believed there was more. More to life. A spiritual presence, a connection to all living things. I was searching and being guided by the holy spirit, though unaware. My life experiences were necessary in order to make me who I am and to bring me here to this moment, to become a follower of Christ and help woman on their journey to self discovery, self worth and self love.

It is my passion to help you find your God-given purpose.
To help you break free from old patterns. To fe
el confident in who you are and who you are becoming and to live with greater faith and more confidence.

Samsara Wellness Reviews


I look forward to yoga classes every week and highly recommend
this class for your essential
self-care regime! Feel your stress just melt away and leave in a state of blissful relaxation!

Katherine, Ontario

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