Welcome to Samsara Wellness

When Samsara Wellness launched in 2014, the main focus was to introduce Reiki as an alternative health service to accelerate healing and provide relaxation and stress relief.

Since then, we began offering Restorative Yoga classes and added Reiki to enhance the experience. Holistic facials were added to our roster too.

During 2020/2021, Samsara Wellness expanded again. Intuitive Guidance Mentoring service were added - Along with more holistic services.


Recharge Your Soul

Restorative Yoga classes offered 4 times each week. Yoga fitness is great for beginners. They will learn meditation during these yoga classes.
Reiki is an alternative medicine technique using energy healing to clear your chakras. This energy therapy helps unblock chakras and minimize stress, anxiety and tension

Listen to Your Soul

Samsara Wellness Reviews


I look forward to Reiki yoga classes every week and highly recommend
this class for your essential
self-care regime! Feel your stress just melt away and leave in a state of blissful relaxation!

Katherine, Erin Ontario